Two Of Us is a London based TV commercial production company founded in 2014 by Gianni Cerretani from previous experiences with a South African production house and two different British production companies. At the end of 2008 – after a highly successful and rewarding decade spent at shots Magazine – Gianni began his journey into production through his close network of industry friends and contacts from shots and the Cannes Lions. Since then he has creatively collaborated with various major players across the globe while always making himself available for the benefit of his colleagues and counterparts too when required. His understanding for the needs and requests of the creatives and his special bond with directors being amongst his main assets – Gianni always operates with a smile on his face and a gentle polite attitude towards everybody while combining his Anglo-Italian background and style so as to adapt and accommodate any crews and clients. After 27 years (and counting!) lived in Britain he has more than consolidated his love and knowledge of the country and its culture as much as he proudly suggests he does when referring to his native beloved Italy. Travelling never a guilty pleasure as is his ‘devotion’ to the Beatles (as the name of our gig reveals…) and Liverpool FC!

Further to this natural transition Gianni has now managed and robustly cooperated with the very talented and award winning director Corydon Wagner since his first place prize at the Cannes Young Director Award in 2012. Together with Corydon (New York based) – currently one of most established yet fresh and innovative visual narrative directors around – Two Of Us have over the past few years produced a number of his global campaigns for the likes of Virgin Galactic, Samsung, Sony, Benetton, World’s Greatest and so on to name just a few. Produced and represented worldwide, Corydon has firstly broken into the USA market about fifteen years ago and has built up his winning stream with projects for Microsoft, Google, Disney, ABC, GAP, Nivea, Mary Kay etc. Domestically represented by Ataboy Studios, such alliance led Two Of Us to the recent completion of a partnership with exciting New York creative agency and production company driven by owner and Executive Creative Director Vikkal Parikh.

Vikkal is also a well established mixed media director (specialising in animation) and is presently represented by Two Of Us worldwide with the exception of the USA. His projects span from IBM and Microsoft to Ikea, Coke and Adidas amongst his sizeable portfolio.

To complete the close cooperation across the Atlantic, comedy director Michael Leary (based in New York too) has also decided to join the family while collecting a great deal of interest and accolades for his characteristic physical comedy. Two Of Us are proud to have discovered Michael’s talent following on from sound local breakthrough and success in 2020 and have been extending his reach on to a global scale.

Two more notable directors that significantly add to the diversity of the roster are beauty&fashion masters Valentina Be and Tak Kuroha (respectively based in Milan and Bali) who inaugurate a new stream for Two Of Us and its expansion within different genres. Tak is very well known himself to the advertising industry, finely eclectic, and does heavenly direct in Asia where he has shot huge campaigns for the likes of Dove, Kenzo, Nescafe’, Costa Cruise, BMW, Mercedes, Ford and so on; he often pit stops in Milan where he realised campaigns for Fiat 500 or Pantene with Chiara Ferragni of late. Valentina simply represents the icing on the cake we feel, with her edgy style capturing the eye and attention of the most recognised luxury fashion brands such as Bulgari, Gucci, Valentino, Fay, Trussardi etc from her headquarter in Milan and across the board. Tak and Valentina are available through us for specific territories as opposed to the previously indicated directors.

Finally, the latest addition bringing a new light into the car commercial department at Two Of Us and unrivalled bags of experience and talent is German specialist director Andreas Grassl. Andreas has won awards at major festivals including Cannes, Clio, London, New York etc following on from his unique sensory imagery and defined character style. Highly acclaimed within the advertising industry as his work for Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Honda, Peugeot, Renault, Volkswagen and MINI strongly proves. Two Of Us are thrilled to extend and expand Andreas’s mark within the UK and – although steadily a freelance worldwide – via select opportunities throughout.

The six contribute to the status of Two Of Us as a company recognised for high professional standards, a loyal audience and global reach. Broadly speaking Two Of Us has access to a number of established, acclaimed directors as well as young talent perfect for many occasions allowing our staff to proudly manage successful loans for the benefit of creative agencies and renowned clients. Our UK and international connections are solid and proven, so is the experience, brilliance and reliability of our directors.

Please give us a shout or simply request a reel and we’ll click in no time. We’ll be more than happy to assist. For all info please visit the Directors page or give us a call at +44 7977 289699. Thanks so much for your interest and attention.

The Two Of Us team