Two Of Us is a London based TV commercial boutique production company founded in 2014 by Gianni Cerretani from previous experiences with a South African production house and two different British production companies. At the end of 2008 – after almost a decade spent at shots Magazine – Gianni began his journey into production through his close network of industry friends and contacts from shots and the Cannes Lions.

Further to this natural transition Gianni now manages the very talented and award winning director Corydon Wagner while also cooperating with cinematic and award winning British established director Darren Statman (highly acclaimed for his commercials for Bentley, Adidas, Ted Baker, Woolrich and so on), as well as with New York based director Michael Leary. Along with Corydon – winner of the Cannes Young Director Award – Michael has also been recently selected for Shoot New Director Showcase. Two more notable recent additions to the roster are beauty and fashion masters Valentina Bertani and Tak Kuroha who inaugurate a new stream for Two Of Us and its expansion within different areas. The five contribute to an image of Two Of Us as a recognised company of high professional audience, fond audience and global reach.

Two Of Us has access to a number of established, decorated directors as well as young talent perfect for many occasions allowing our staff to proudly manage successful loans for the benefit of creative agencies and renowned clients. Our UK and international connections are solid and proven, so is the experience, brilliance and reliability of our directors.

Please give us a shout or simply request a reel and we’ll click in no time. We’ll be more than happy to assist you. For all info please visit the Directors page or give us a call at +44 7977 289699. Thanks so much for your interest and attention.

The Two Of Us team