Director's Profile

Francesco Meneghini is an Italian commercial director and multimedia artist based in Berlin. Over the past 20 years, he has explored various mediums, always pushing the boundaries between art and commercial projects while gaining recognition both domestically and internationally. Francesco began his ‘artistic education’ via the “I.S.I.A.” (Higher Institute for Artistic Industries) at the University of Urbino in 1996. In 2001, he gathered what must be regarded as a great honour i.e. that of being selected as an ‘Artist-in-Residence’ at Fabrica, the renowned Benetton Research Art Centre based in Treviso.

From the year 2005 onward, Francesco delved way deeper into his artistic career as a multimedia artist mainly focusing on the investigation of the human perception in relation to space. Mixing experimental interfaces, lights, laser, computer programming as well as other innovative elements becoming his daily routine. This is when he did create various multimedia interactive installations and had the opportunity to showcase his work in popular art galleries, museums and grand scale events such as those taking place at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the QPac Theater in Brisbane, the Experimenta Design Biennal in Lisbon, the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles, the Kunstmuseum in Basel and Super Studio Milan to name just a few…

As his interest in storytelling and cinema seemingly prevailed, Francesco eventually transitioned into the commercial realm and began directing advertisements primarily in the fashion and beauty industry. His style can be described as ‘poetry in movement’ with a deeply emotive approach, blending atmospheric storytelling with profound human connections and introspection.

To this date, Francesco has relished the pleasure of directing commercials for prestigious brands such as Diesel, Mercedes Benz, Nike, Versace, Giorgio Armani, The North Face, Stefanel, RedBull, Replay, and Intimissimi… amongst others of course …Some amazing celebrities e.g. Shawn Mendes, Martin Garrix, and Selah Marley have been an integral part of his admired shoots. Two Of Us have recently spotted his remarkable talent and will gladly spread his aura on the global ad market waiting to discover yet another spark!

Mercedes Benz

Giorgio Armani – GA Campaign



Armani Exchange – Martin Garrix

Doctors with Africa CUAMM

Emporio Armani – Shawn Mendes

Armani Exchange – Lucky Blue Smith

Diadora – Run To New York

Giorgio Armani – Eyewere