Director's Profile

Michael Leary is a NYC based award-winning commercial director that specialises in physical comedy. He grew up on Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry, which helped influence the antics and tone seen in his work. Michael’s passion for filmmaking started in college when he switched his major from Physical Therapy to Film Production. After receiving a degree in Communications and freelancing for many production companies, he discovered he had a passion for short-form media, especially commercials and branded content. After building his reel for several years, he was selected for Shoot New Director Showcase in 2020.

Michael’s work has taken him all over the United States as well as the Caribbean, Italy, Switzerland, and South Africa to name a few. He takes pride in developing personal relationships with clients resulting in an enjoyable and professional working environment.

When he is not directing, he is spending time with his wife, close friends, and pets. Some other interests include traveling, researching the ancient Roman Empire, and endlessly searching for the truth behind the UFO Phenomenon. Michael is represented by Two Of Us worldwide with the exception of the US.

Yelp “Restaurant”

Chock Full O’ Nuts “Sweepstakes”

Yelling Jars “Valentine’s Day”

Doritos “Burglars”

Chock Full O’ Nuts “Burglar”

Atlantic Immedicare “Returns”

Chock Full O’ Nuts “Babe”

Members Only “Jurassic Park”

St. Joseph’s Urgent Care “Laptop”

Avvo “Swindlers”

Southwest Airlines “Garage”

Pizza Hut “Sledgehammer”

Old Spice “Residue Evil”

Southwest Airlines “Luggage”

St. Joseph Urgent Care “Neighbour”