Limited Edition Hoodie: Natoya Goule x Sen2

A Portrait Of An Athlete is a unique collaboration between Olympic athlete Natoya Goule and celebrity graffiti artist Sen2. World’s Greatest commissioned the film to announce their Limited Edition Natoya Goule x Sen2 Hoodie.




Natoya is an Olympic middle-distance runner who has represented Jamaica in the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She began running at a young age and never stopped loving it. The rush and thrill of each race and the desire to best herself is what fuels her.

At the age of 12 she ran for Manchester High School and holds records in the Girls’ Class 1 1500m and Class 3 800m. She won an accumulated 15 individual gold medals at the Inter-Secondary Schools Boys and Girls Championships and 12 individual gold medals at the CARIFTA Games. After graduating high school she ran for a few different college track teams: South Plains College, Louisiana State University, and Clemson.

Post College she continued to run and continued to see success. She placed first in the 2019 Pan American Games 800m. She placed 25th in the 2016 Rio Olympics 800m and 8th in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics 800m. She continues to push herself to new heights with each race. Her best 800m time is 1:57.88.




Sen2 evolved from spraying wild-style pieces on trains and walls to developing mixed media works on canvases. He moved from classical New York graffiti writing to a combination of graphic lettering styles with 3-D elements, imagery of pop art, and abstract art techniques. His color palette ranges from grayscale pieces to paintings in a full range of bright and shiny colors. While the artist’s paint application reminds of 1950‘s action painting, most of his subjects are cartoon characters of the 1930‘s and 1940‘s such as Mighty Mouse, Betty Boop, or Batman. The artist also refers to iconic pop artists. One can recognize Andy Warhol’s work ‘Dick Tracy’ or Roy Lichtenstein’s works ‘Drowning Girl’ and ‘Girl with Hair Ribbon’ in certain paintings of Sen2. Classic American and Puerto Rican patterns or subjects, such as flags or the Statue of Liberty, are mixed with dynamic brush strokes and gestural splashes of color. Besides the fine art and pop culture references, all of Sen2’s pieces have graffiti elements in them to reflect his artistic roots and sophisticated style.

Sen2 blurs the lines between graffiti and fine art. Since 2001, his artwork has been on display around the globe, exhibiting in numerous solo and group shows in America and Europe. In 2013, paintings of Sen2 were featured at one of the most important art fairs for contemporary art worldwide: Art Basel, Miami




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They produced original series for television, OTT, digital and social distribution; all guided, focused and inspired by their proprietary research, “Olympian Connection Points Study”.  With over 700,000 data points, they’re able to match the right Olympian to the right content on the right platform with the right brand.  All content is built for brand sponsorship, brand integration and original branded content.  They are a powerful marketing platform for brands as well.  They share net revenue 50/50 with their athletes. 


Executive Producer: Vikkal Parikh, Gianni Cerretani I Story Producer: Shai Ben-Dor I Producer: Meg Murthy, Julia Lewis I DP: Henry Zaballos I Editor: Jeremy Baumann, Shai Ben-Dor I VFX: Perry Kroll I GFX: Ridvan Maloku I Color: Vladimir Kucherov I Sound Design & Mix: Weston Fonger

Produced in collaboration with World’s Greatest, Ataboy Studios, and Two Of Us.