Director's Profile

Born in Tokyo, Tak Kuroha (also known as TAKO) grows up in Milan and employs his entire childhood watching manga and reading sci-fi books. After watching Ed Wood by Tim Burton he makes up his mind about his goal in life: aspiring to great filmmaking. In his effort to pursue his dream Tak resolves to attend workshops with men of genius such as John Carpenter and Abel Ferrara. At the end of this journey he starts directing short and feature films, as well as commercials, music videos, web-series and above all fashion films that earn him several international awards. Of particular note are his short films Clacson and Road to Sundance that have been screened in more than 60 Film Festivals around the world winning over 20 prizes. A special mention also deserves Tak’s shortlisted edgy viral campaign for Ford Kuga screened at the Cannes Young Director Award.

Nowadays Tak works as a screenwriter, a creative and an acknowledged director across three continents with main bases in Los Angeles and Bali (also meaning ‘city of angels’), both incidentally bearing some similarity with his Japanese surname (Kuro means ‘black wings’). In his commercial work Tak has often been shooting with international celebrities: from supermodels such as Alessandra Ambrosio and Mark Vanderloo to movie stars like Angelababy (in China) and Mikako Tabe (in Japan).

Tak loves any form of surreal, crazy, experimental and edgy storytelling…while an extra area of total comfort for him resides within the Fashion Film department. In fact this one in particular represents one of the main reasons for Two Of Us calling him up to join the team. With the exception of Asia, we’ll be dealing with his fine efforts pretty much anywhere else. Brands Tak has shot for include Nike, Vodafone, Mercedes, BMW, Citroen, Siemens, Kenwood, Quantas, Dove, Kenzo and Nescafe to name just a few…


Magnat Select

Aerial Unit Director Reel

Esika Beauty

Fiat 500 Abarth

Social Dream (Trailer)


Costa Cruise

Mercedes Madmoiselle


Road to Sundance (Trailer)

Traveloka Snowboard

Ford Kuga Flowers